Achromat +5 200 Lens


Marumi Achromat +5 200 lenses. Digital Cameras CCD and CMOS sensors convert light into electronic signals.

For this reason, on certain occasions, lenses produce inner reflection, flare, ghosting and other phenomenon which can result in poor quality images.

Marumi Achromat lenses are specially designed not to interfere with camera CCD?s and CMOS sensors. They are designed for use with Digital SLR cameras. Each lens has a special ultra-low reflection coating.

This coupled with a black outer edge on the lens significantly reduces glare, ghost imaging and over exposure. Achromat lenses are available for all Digital SLR camera lenses and are ideal for macro photography ? jewellery, nature, small electronics etc. The 200 Achromat gives a magnification factor of +5 and as such will give a macro facility on a standard lens. It will also enhance the performance and capability when used in conjunction with a macro lens.

Marumi Achromat lenses are a product of Japanese optical technology and expertise and produce really excellent edge to edge clarity.