Bicolour Flexible Lighting Kit


This exciting LED flexible light panel kit is unique on the market at its quality and price. With two fully flexible 30x60cm LED light panels in each kit, you can shape or curve them an infinite number of ways to create unique lighting effects, or attach them to one of the two provided aluminium frames to produce a super-bright square or rectangular light panel. Fabric diffusors are also included for each frame size, allowing you to create a softer lighting effect.

The panels can be dimmed 0-100%, with colour temperature adjustable 5600-3200K.

These lights are ideal for use on location. They are supplied with mains power adapters, but can also be powered by Sony V-lock or NP-F750 / F970 type batteries. They are water and frost resistant, so can be used on location. At just 140g per panel, they are ultra-portable, and the complete kit comes supplied in a quality fitted carry case for ease of transportation.

Key features:
1. FULLY FLEXIBLE ? Each 2mm thick light panel is fully flexible and can be shaped or curved to produce a range of lighting effects, or used to light tight areas where space is at a premium.

2. FULLY ADJUSTABLE ? With adjustable brightness 0-100% and stepless colour temperature adjustment 5600-3200K, you can create a lighting set up as unique as the project you?re shooting. Each panel can be adjusted individually.

3. COMPLETE KIT ? Supplied as a complete kit including 2 flexible LED light panels, a square frame 60x60cm with fabric diffusor, a rectangular frame 30x60cm with fabric diffusor, light stand, mains power supply, Sony V-mount battery adapters, and 2 adapters for Sony NP-F type batteries all in a quality fitted carry case.

4. USE ON LOCATION ? These panels are water and frost resistant, and have the option to be powered by Sony V-Lock or F750 / F970 type batteries, making them perfect for use on location in all weathers. Each panel is weighs just 140g, so they are ultra-portable too.

5. WELL PROTECTED ? Supplied with a 2 year UK warranty.

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