Camera Sliders


These sturdy, portable mini ? dolly camera tracking sliders are ideal for making video tracking shots without the need for a full dolly system and tracks.

They are ideal for individuals or companies who are looking for an easy and affordable system to enhance the impact of a video shoot.

Main Features
1. Available in 85cm and 120cm widths

2. Smooth Guide Rail

3. Use as a Tripod or on a flat surface with the included feet

4. ?? and 3/8? screw threads on the railSize SkgT01- 60cm SkgT02- 120cm SkgT03- 85cm
Maximum Load SkgT01- 10kg SkgT02- 5kg SkgT03- 8kg
Dimensions SkgT01- 9x7x60cm SkgT02- 9x7x120cm SkgT03- 9x7x85cm
Weight SkgT01- 1.2kg SkgT02- 1.75kg SkgT03- 1.35kg

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