Carbon Fibre Camera Slider – 80cm


This Sevenoak camera slider is portable, lightweight, extendable and highly durable with an impressive load capacity, thanks to its carbon fibre construction. It is ideal for making video tracking shots without the need for a full dolly system and tracks.

Suitable for both hobbyists and professional photographers / videographers, it features a belt-driven system driven by a flywheel (included) attached to the end of the slider, with a handle for smooth, silent, precision movement. It also serves as a dampener for stopping the camera gently and for smooth track-in shots and push-ins. A built-in tension knob to helps to adjust the tension, control the movement, and keep the sliding plate locked in place.

The sliding plate has a 3/8? screw compatible with most tripod heads, as well as 1/4″ and 3/8? threaded holes to attach LED lights, microphones, etc.

The slider features four angle-adjustable legs with height-adjustable rubber ball feet, and a built-in spirit level for final adjustments.

Main Features:
1. Belt driven system with smooth flywheel function

2. Supports camera weights up to 10kg

3. Overall length 82cm

4. Lightweight, smooth and quiet carbon fibre rails

5. Angle-adjustable legs with height-adjustable rubber feet and spirit level for final levelling up

6. With 1/4? and 3/8? screw threads on the sliding plate for accessories

7. 3/8? screw standard fitting for tripod / video heads

8. Built-in tension / locking knob on the sliding plate

9. Carry case included

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