Clothesline Frame for 4 photos (landscape)


One can display their favourite photographs, postcards, notes and more with the Kusso Clothesline Photo Frame. A unique and fun way to display treasured memories that can be interchanged as often as required, this photo display is a great way to personalise a space whether hung in the bedroom, lounge, hallway or above a desk.

These photo displays are available in three different sizes, outer measurements 60x30cm, 40x40cm and 55x65cm, and hold either four or nine images against a slate grey background with white box frame surround. Each string is made from soft white suedette which holds small, wooden clothes pegs that will hold photographs, notes etc. in place. Strings are attached to the white wood frame at each end with a small gold coloured loop, adding a touch of style to the monochrome display.

This frame couldn?t be easier to set up since there is no glass or acrylic front; simply hang the frame in the chosen location and start arranging the images. Each can be changed as often as required, making this frame a fantastic notice board as well as a great photo display.

1000 in stock