CN10X Studio Light Fresnel Lens


The Nanguang Studio Light Focus Lens NGCN10X is compatible with most LED studio lights up to 150 Watts and studio flashes, and has a Bowens mount adapter.

The telescopic focus range is 10-40 degrees, which will give between 4 and 10 times brightness depending on the focus angle used.

For additional creative options, a set of 4 filters is included, the kit is supplied in a cloth bag.

Key Features:
1. Supplied with a Bowens mount and compatible with most LED and studio flash systems

2. Rotatable design enabling alteration of the light angle by adjusting the lens collar, angle adjusts 10-40 degrees

3. For shooting outline light or long distance

4. Brightness increases 4-10 times with focus adjustment

5. Kit includes: NGNC10X studio light focus lens, Carry bag, Set of filters (yellow, red, green, blue)

6. Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 135 mm

7. Weight: 600g

8.Box contents: 10X studio light focus lens, carry bag, set of filters (yellow, red, green, blue)

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