DHG 4X Star Cross Filter


The Marumi Digital High Grade 4X Star Cross filter turns any bright point of light into a four-point star, allowing you to create sparkling illuminations and nightscapes, adding interest to all kinds of photographs. This filter can also be used for video, with a rotating front ring to create a unique starburst effect on your footage.

This simple-to-use filter mounts onto the front of your lens and makes an instant difference to your images, allowing you to see the effect immediately without having to wait to add it in post-production, hoping that it looks right. Check the effect and get a result you?re happy with there and then.

This Digital High Grade filter is made in Japan, with a high quality multi-layer coating to reduce surface reflection for a clean effect without ghosting or flare. The ultra-thin profile diminishes vignetting, the blackened outer rim reduces internal reflection, and the knurled frame provides a firm grip.