DHG ND100K ND Filters


Marumi Digital High Grade Light Control ND Filters have been specially designed with Digital Photography in mind.

Each filter uses a specially developed ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the cameras built-in CCD and CMOS Sensors.

Other anti-reflect features include a special slim frame with satin smooth finish and a black ink process on the glass edge to eliminate flare.

Neutral density filter to reduce light volume, allowing the photographer to use slower shutter speeds under bright conditions, giving more control and creativity. Features thin mount and ultra-low reflection coating.

DHG ND100K is a neutral density filter which reduces light values to 1/100,000 and is specifically designed for taking pictures of solar eclipses etc. Caution: Do not look directly or indirectly at the sun without appropriate eye protection, even during a solar eclipse. Install the filter in front of the camera lens or telescope lens, do not use the optical viewfinder. This product is for use only with cameras and telescopes. It is not suitable as eye protection.