DHG Super ND4000


This digital high grade super neutral density filter from Marumi screws onto camera lenses to reduce light intake to just 1/4000th of normal light levels, allowing you to leave the shutter open for longer without overexposing, even on a bright day. Create ethereal, smooth images that capture the quality of movement, even in a still photograph. Ideal for creating striking images of flowing water, dramatic skies, travelling light, moving traffic and anything else your imagination can conjure.

The Marumi DHG Super ND4000 is equivalent to 12 stop, and reduces the light entering the lens without adding a colour cast, retaining a neutral balance that won?t alter the original colour of the image. With a special water and oil repellent coating, this filter is perfect for shooting natural wonders such as geysers and waterfalls without splashes or beading water on the lens spoiling the final shot.

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