Dolly Slider


Once the sole prerogative of the high-end movie industry, a camera slider helps the user to create professional-looking footage with smooth and stable horizontal camera movement. This must-have effect adds a polished finish to your movie production.

With four smooth-action wheels on a 60cm slider, this is an innovative dual-purpose dolly and slider that can create some really unique footage. It has built-in, adjustable folding feet and features heavy-duty anodised aluminium construction, a smooth guide rail with bearings, built-in spirit level and tension adjustment, and adjustable axles.

Main Features:
1. Length 60cm

2. Maximum weight capacity: 5kg

3. Quick to set up

4. Smooth guide rail

5. Smooth sliding plate with bearings

6. Tension adjustment / locking knob

7. Spirit level

8. Use with a tripod or on a flat surface with adjustable folding feet

9. Can be used as a dolly

10. Anodised aluminium construction

1000 in stock

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