Double Distance Camera Slider – 76cm


This heavy duty portable slider is ideal for making tracking shots when using video cameras, digital SLRs or smartphone cameras. It is ideal for individuals or companies who are looking for an easy and affordable system to enhance the impact of a video shoot.

The Kenro Double Distance Camera Slider has a heavy duty anodised aluminium construction with an exceptionally smooth counter balanced belt driven mechanism. When used on a flat surface it offers 38cm of tracking movement; when mounted on a tripod, this doubles to 76cm for greater range of movement. The slider has 4 levelling up knobs for uneven surfaces.

Key Features:

1. PORTABILITY AND PERFORMANCE – This cleverly designed slider is just 50cm long, but gives a full 76cm of movement when mounted on a tripod, delivering the perfect combination of portability and performance.

2. SMOOTH MOVEMENT – Beautifully smooth belt-driven movement for clean footage with no judders or bumps.

3. VERSATILE – Use on a flat surface for a greater load capacity or on a tripod for a greater range of movement.

4. STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT – With its aluminium construction, this slider is both strong and lightweight. It has a load capacity of up to 6kg and weighs just 1.64kg.

5. PROTECTED – Protected now and into the future, the slider is supplied in a padded carry case with a 2-year limited warranty.

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