Exus Circular Polarising


The EXUS Circular Polarizer from Marumi is an essential filter for shooting landscapes and scenery as it suppresses surface reflection of the subject to enhance colour contrast.

The high light transmission polarizer on the filter makes colours look more intense and shadows darker with contrast, so the view from the finder is easier to distinguish.

Adoption of new features such as antistatic coating protects the lens from static clinging of dust, stain resistance with easy cleaning of water spots and fingerprints, making EXUS Circular Polarizer especially useful for shooting outdoors.

Key Features:


1. Compared to a conventional polarizer, light transmission has increased by 30%, which affords easier viewing from the finder as colours are more intense and brighter, and shadows appear darker with better gradation.  Adoption of a high transmission polarizer realizes finite and detailed photographic expressions.

2. The surface of the filter lens is specially coated to offer excellent water and oil repellent performance.  The surface repels water spots and provides resistance to fingerprints, and those few that appear on the surface can be easily removed.

3. Stress free photography sessions are made possible by virtue of the antistatic coating that inhibits static clinging of microscopic dust.  Even if the lens gets soiled, dust can be easily removed using an air blower.

4. Because the entire outer rim of the lens is treated with black ink and features a special frame structure, the filter achieves ultra low reflection of less than 0.6%.  With suppression of surface reflection the filter brings out the camera’s lens performance to its maximum, achieving high quality photography.

5. The Filter frame adopts a Teflon coated male thread that not only reduce excessively tight screwing of the filter and lens while shooting but also make attaching / detaching smooth and easy.

6. The new ultra low reflective frame features: Ultra thin frame design, light blocking ridges, satin finish, knurling, lens cap attachable.

7. Wide angle capability, portable filter case supplied, made in Japan.

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