Exus Lens Protect Solid


Marumi?s new flagship filter, the Exus Solid, is a must-have filter for photographers looking to protect expensive lenses without compromising the quality of the captured image.

The Exus Solid is made in Japan, and constructed of hardened glass, which is up to seven times stronger than conventional filters, designed to protect your lens from even the most unexpected damage. Fitted securely inside a black satin-finished, knurled frame, the retaining ring holds the toughened glass firmly whilst still being super-slim to avoid any vignetting.

The glass has an ultra-low reflection rate of 0.2%, and a high quality, water and oil repellent, anti-static coating. Dust, fingerprints and statins can all be removed with nothing more than a soft cloth.

The Marumi Exus Solid gives you peace of mind and the freedom to explore your lens?s creative capabilities.

Key Features:
1. Up to 7 times stronger than conventional filters

2. Made in Japan

3. Ultra-low reflection rate (0.2%)

4. Water and oil repellant

5. Anti-static coating

6. Super-slim frame to avoid vignetting

7. Black satin-finished, knurled frame

8. Constructed of hardened glass, securely fitted inside retaining ring

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