Exus UV


The Exus series UV filter is a perfect match for top grade Digital SLR Camera Lenses. The Exus Series is Marumi?s highest grade camera filter with a host of advanced features.

The Exus range incorporates high grade Japanese technology featuring exceptional optical glass flatness and intensity. The Exus UV filter blocks ultraviolet rays of a wave length of 390nm and under which reproduces a clear image of distant views replicating that seen by the human eye.

The Exus UV is also perfectly clear and serves well as a lens protector without affecting visible light but protecting the camera lens against dust and pollution.

Key Featuress:
1. The Exus has a special ?anti foul? coating. In rain or inclement conditions water will be repelled off the surface. The filter surface is also finger grease resistant. Extreme residue can easily be wiped off.

2. Exus filters feature an anti static coating inhibiting adhesion of microscopic dust.

3. The Exus outer rim has a special black ink coating. The incidence of reflection is less than 0.3%. The filter mount is ultra-thin for wide angle use and has light blocking ridges and a patented new glass securing system.

4. Other features include: each filter is supplied in its own case, filters are manufactured in Japan.

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