Kenro Universal Lavalier Microphone


Whether you’re shooting on your smartphone, action camera or DSLR, the built-in microphone just isn’t equipped to deliver top-notch audio to match up to the great visuals. Issues can include the built-in microphone being too far away from the subject, too much ambient noise, low sensitivity, and picking up the noise of the device?s own internal electronics. For anyone shooting video content, whatever the device, an external microphone is essential to give the finished piece a polished feel.

If you?re recording an interview, a talking head, a piece-to-camera, a presentation, or any other kind of content where a single subject?s voice needs to sound clear, intelligible and natural, a lavalier microphone is the best solution.

Key features:

1. LIGHTWEIGHT MIC, LONG CABLE – 3.5mm audio output, 6 metre cable, omnidirectional lavalier microphone weighing just 2.5g.

2. SIMPLE SOLUTION – Fix all kinds of sound issues by using this external lavalier microphone for a clear, natural voice in interviews, presentations, talking heads, to-camera pieces and more.

3. PLUG-AND-PLAY – Simply plug the 3.5mm audio output into your device, set the microphone to the correct mode, clip the microphone to your clothes and off you go.

4. EVERYTHING YOU NEED – The Kenro Lavalier Microphone comes with everything you need, straight out of the box.

5. UK WARRANTY – Supplied with a 2 year UK warranty.

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