Magnetic Filter Holder M100


This unique magnetic filter system has revolutionised the way that photographers use ND filters. Gone are the days when you needed to buy separate filters for each lens size ? simply attach the aluminium M100 Marumi Magnetic Filter Holder to the front of your lens, and swap all your filters on and off with ease. The M100 is supplied with adapter rings for lens sizes 72, 77 and 82mm, and can be fitted to other sizes of lens using step-up rings (not included). The magnetic system is far more slender and compact than a traditional slot-in system, requires less set-up time and makes it easier to swap filters quickly and neatly.

The strong magnets grab the filter with one touch, holding it tightly and securely, effectively eliminating issues caused by light leaking when using traditional slot-in style square filters. One M100 can hold up to 3 stacked filters, allowing you to layer up for different effects, and an optional circular polarising filter (MAM100CPL) is also available to screw into the centre of the magnetic mount and refine your image even further. The circular polariser can be rotated independently by turning a gear on the base of the holder.

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