Magnetic Hard Graduated ND Filters


Designed for use with the Marumi Magnetic Filter Holder M100, these hard graduated ND filters show a clear boundary between the dark and light areas of the frame. This filter system is ideal for using graduated ND filters, as it allows the user to easily line up the ND area with the horizon line by sliding the filter up and down on its magnets. The sturdy metal frame is 150mm long with knurled edges and a wide tab at the top, allowing for ease of grip without adding fingerprints to the glass.

Available in ND4, ND8 or ND16, the density number refers to the darkest part of the glass.

The Marumi Magnetic Filter System means no more need to buy separate filters for each lens size ? simply attach the aluminium Magnetic Filter Holder to the front of your lens, and swap all your filters on and off with ease.

These quality Japanese-made optics have state-of-the-art coatings for anti-static, anti-scratch, low reflection and to repel water & oil. They maintain a neutral colour and suppress any infrared light casting.

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