Marumi VND 2.5-500 Variable Filters


Marumi have launched a new range of Variable Neutral Density Filters, which feature adjustable ND2.5-ND500 light control. Available in 58mm and 77mm sizes, reduction of light volume can be adjusted over a wide range from ?.5 to 1/500 without any influence on the colour balance.

This filter has an ultra-thin frame despite its double frame structure. This makes vignetting extremely low and supports easy handling. The filter also has a blackened outer rim of glass to minimise internal reflection to reduce flare and ghosting.

Using this filter, portrait photographers can look forward to striking backgrounds whereas nature landscape and coastal photographers can create a slower shutter speed under heavy sunlight without altering the colour tone of the photography, making silky water effects and stunning long-exposures easier to execute than ever before.