MixPanel 150 RGB LED Studio Light


Boasting impressive specifications with an exceptional set of features, this ultra-bright dynamic LED panel light is an ideal all-rounder for film makers and photographers of all disciplines. The NanLite MixPanel 150 combines three LED light sources into one compact unit, giving you the ability to switch between hard light, soft light, CCT and coloured light at the touch of a button.

Featuring ultra-bright output, 0-100% dimming, CRI (Ra) 98, TLCI 95, green / magenta colour adjustment, 43 gel presets in two light sources (5600K and 3200K), and nine pre-programmed, adjustable special effects, NanLite MixPanels are some of the most versatile RGBW LED panels on the market. Removable barn doors are also included for targeted directional light.

3-in-1 Light Source
Whether you need hard lighting with more throw, diffused lighting for flattering portraits and close-up work, or coloured lighting to set moods and express emotions, you can do it all in one unit at the touch of a button, with no additional accessories.

Ultra-Bright, Accurate Light
Producing up to 13880 Lux (1m, 5600K), this 150W light boasts incredible brightness, and offers a huge CCT white light spectrum of 7500-2700K. Dim the light from 0-100% and switch between hard and soft lighting modes to adapt the MixPanel 150 to any scene without adding gels or diffusors. And with CRI (Ra) 98 and TLCI 95, plus green / magenta adjustment in CCT mode, you can shoot with confidence knowing that colours will reproduce accurately without losing time and money correcting in post-production.

Intuitive User Interface
The MixPanel operating system has been developed from the ground up to be as efficient and intuitive as possible, allowing you to save valuable time on set. Your settings can also be saved as presets, allowing you to recreate your lighting set ups consistently and quickly.

Gel Emulation and Practical Effects
This panel features 43 gel presets in two light sources (5600K and 3200K) for accurately simulating the effect of using gels, encompassing five CTO, five CTB, and 33 Calcolor. In addition, nine pre-programmed and adjustable practical special effects make it easy to imitate tricky lighting scenarios, including CCT loop, flash, paparazzi, pulse, lightning storm, TV screen, emergency services, and flame. Each effect can be fine-tuned and customised to requirements.

Travel Anywhere
Use it in the studio or on location ? the MixPanel is supplied with an AC adapter, or can be powered by V-Mount batteries (not included) so you can use it on location without a mains power source. The whole kit, including light, adapter and barn doors, is supplied in a high quality carry bag for safe storage and transportation.

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