Motorised Follow Focus


The Sevenoak SKMHF04 is a motorised follow focus system that allows film makers to pull focus and steady the camera whilst on the move.

With a moveable and height-adjustable base plate, the SKMHF04 allows the user to switch cameras without breaking the system down. Constructed with 2 operation systems, the unit has an easily controllable zoom and focus function, whether used on the shoulder or on a tripod.

The two motors on both sides of the rails are moveable and interchangeable.

The SKMHF04 is designed with a memory function that can retain up to 4 focus points.

Main Features:
1. Memory records up to 4 focus points

2. With comfortable shoulder pad

3. Moveable and height adjustable base plate

4. 2 sets of motorised zoom and focus operation systems

5. Moveable , interchangeable motors

6. Motorised zoom and focus operation systems on the hand grips for easy control

1000 in stock

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