NanGuang LED Fresnel Light CN200F


The CN200F is one of NanGuang?s latest generation of LED Fresnel lighting heads. It is designed for professional studio use and features high efficiency LED technology.

The Fresnel lens on this very large unit focuses from narrow to wide beam, 12-35 degrees, and uses a single 200 Watt LED bulb to produce a brightness of up to 11923 LM. The brightness can be steplessly adjusted 0-100% using the manual dial or a DMX lighting control desk, and the unit has a built-in 2.4G radio receiver.*

The high efficiency LED gives off very little heat compared to other types of lighting, meaning that no fan is necessary. The unit is cooled by passive air flow and operates silently, making it ideal for film and video lighting.

This light head comes supplied as a kit, complete with Fresnel lens and barn doors in a fitted reinforced cardboard box.

The full kit comprises: CN200F head, barn doors, Fresnel lens, power adapter, fitted box.

Recommended optional accessory: If this unit is intended to be mounted on a light stand, we highly recommend that you consider the NanGuang CN3000F heavy duty light stand. With a working height of 140-310cm and a footprint of 62cm, this stable and durable stand has a maximum load of 12kg and is more than capable of supporting the 7kg (approx) CN200F Fresnel light head.

* Remote and Wi-Fi / app wireless control options coming soon

Main Features:
1. Large Fresnel spotlight for professional studio use

2. Cooling by silent passive air

3. Dimming controls by APP or 2.4G controller (not included)

4. Supplied as a kit including barn doors and power adapter

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