NanGuang LED Small Fresnel Light CN28FA 3-Head Kit


The NanGuang CN-28FA small Fresnel light is highly portable, compact and light enough to travel anywhere. It’s ideal for small product photography, providing fill, lighting faces, lifting shadows or creating highlights. In this kit, you receive three Fresnel light heads, plus power adapters, barn doors, filter sets and cable clamps, all in a padded carry case for ultra-portability.

The CN-28FA is a small, powerful Fresnel light that mounts onto a light stand and boasts a maximum illumination of 1960 LM. It weighs in at just 610g, and features one 28W LED bulb that can be focused from 20 degrees spotlight to 50 degrees floodlight, with a colour temperature of 5600K.

Compact and light enough to travel anywhere, the up-to-the-minute LED technology runs at a low temperature and is kept cool by air vents built into the casing, meaning no noisy fans to spoil your audio when lighting for film. Covered by a 2-year UK warranty.

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