NanGuang Product Photography Table Lighting Kit


This NanGuang photo table kit is ideal for shooting small products in the studio or on location. Supplied with a strong, durable photo table that dismantles for easy transportation, plus three small Fresnel light heads with power cables, one battery magazine, two filter sets, three light stands, plus background papers, clips and protective carry case.

In the kit you receive two CN28FA single colour Fresnel lights, plus one CN20FC with adjustable colour temperature and built-in diffusing barn doors.

Key Features:
1. Small tabletop shooting table for digital photography and video, supplied as a complete kit with three powerful Fresnel lighting heads, battery magazines, light stands, power adapters, and background papers

2. Ideal for small product photos, Amazon-style or website images

3. Quick to set up, strong and portable

4. Compact and easy to store when not in use

5. Perfect for shadowless pictures – objects can be front or back lit

6. Translucent matt white background

1000 in stock